11 of The Best Homeschool Planners

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Super organized and detailed orientated, that’s me! Planning and I go hand in hand. Sticking to the plan, well that’s another story!

I have spent many hours roaming the internet on the hunt for the perfect homeschool planner. Every homeschool mama goes through the process of spending endless hours searching for the best homeschool planner in some cases only to have to do it all again next year! But now you don’t have to!

The Joy of Less Bath and Beauty

Bath and beauty products are so easy to accumulate. Sure all those bottles might be small but they can easily explode out of your cupboards all over your counter tops. The 20+ items I have in this category I am sure seems like a lot to most minimalists but considering some people have 20+ nail polishes alone I think I am doing alright, mind you I did decide to count all of my hair pins as one and all of my hair bands as one, if I didn’t do this it would easily be well into the hundreds!
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