This site launched in 2016 as a resource for soul centred homeschool mama’s, this site is quickly filling with rockstar homeschool mothers (just like you!) from around the world who have a desire to create simple, organized, grace filled lives as they take advantage of all of the blessings homeschooling brings.

Thank you for visiting this little corner of the blogosphere! Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and stay awhile.

Want To know About Me?

I Am A Christian. Far from perfect yet saved, forgiven, loved.

I Am A Suburban Dwelling Aussie. Our (far from pinable) house sits on the standard quarter acre block opposite national park where kangaroos are known to frequent. Our backyard plays host to over grown flower beds, two cavaliers and the odd chook.

I Am A Wife to a man more amazing than I deserve. He is my best friend. We are as different as salt and pepper but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I Am A Mother twice blessed. One from my husbands first marriage and one who took her sweet time joining us.

I Am A Budding Homeschooler. We are home educating our little one. If we use the governments mandatory school enrolment age as a guide then we aren’t yet homeschooling. I choose not to use this definition!

Want To Know Why We Are (Planning On) Homeschoolng?

Homeschooling is the right choice for us for multiple reasons –

My Husband’s Job – His work is shift work. If we were to send our children to a traditional school they would not see their father every second week. Crazy! This would severely affect our ability to build close family relationships.

My Job – prior to my pregnancy I was working as a primary school teacher. It does not seem logical to send my children to school so that someone else can teach my children purely so that I can go to work to teach someone else’s children.

Higher Quality Education – No classroom will ever be able to meet the one on one attention a child receives from a dedicated homeschooling parent. I am also able to tailor the curriculum content to meet their ability level and interests in a way that due to sheer numbers could never happen in a classroom. Also due to our ability to have a mobile classroom my children can learn from many experiences that they would not have in a classroom. As much as I know teachers do a great job I also know that they would never have a teacher who is more passionate or invested in their education than me.

Our Faith – as Christians we are called to raise our children to know and love the Lord. This should be at the forefront of every decision we make regarding our children I question how a child’s relationship with God and with their family can be a priority if they are spending so much time away from both.

and quite simply, I Love Spending Time With My Kids!

For me the question isn’t why would we homeschool but why would we not!

Want To Know More About Me Beyond The Scope Of This Blog?

I am an ex fast food manager, ex waitress, ex receptionist, and an ex bed and breakfast host.

I am a hitch hiking survivor, a skydiving survivor and an infertility survivor.

I am our self designated family historian.

I love rain on a tin roof, camping and mars bar cheese cake.

I have minimalist tendancies.

That’s enough about me for now, I’d love to her from you Dear Reader. Please pop on over to Facebook or Twitter and say hello!